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Family Sites I have created:
  • KRUMM family from Bronnweiler, Wuertemburg, Germany originally settled in Franklin Co., Ohio
    (my husband's family)
  • HELLER family settled in Pennsylvania. My ggg-grandfather, Philip Heller, then came on to Wyandot County, Ohio Updated July 27, 2006
My databases:
  • ADELSPERGER family of Francis Adelsperger. He and his wife Elizabeth were my 6th- Great-grandparents. His grandson Jacob and wife Barbara were my GGGG-grandparents. They settled in Seneca Co., Ohio in 1833 arriving there from Maryland. Updated Nov 10, 2007 now 1591 entries
  • BIHN-KUHN family of William Andrew Bihn and Catherine Kuhn. Catherine (Kuhn) Bihn was my GG-Granaunt. Updated July 13, 2007 to include the eldest Bihn and forward to now increase from 715 to 765 entries
  • BRICKNER-REDDELBACH family of Johannes Michael Brückner n Margaret Reddelbach. John Brickner was my GGG-Granduncle. Updated July 13, 2007 increase from 258 to 781 entries
  • CLARK family of Bartholomew Clark and Ann Shoff. Bartholomew Clark was my fifth great-Grandfather. Updated May 8, 2007 increased from 882 to 1091 entries
  • GASTER family  came from Switzerland and settled in Wyandot County, Ohio. Begins with John Henry Gaster, my GGG-grandfather. Updated Nov 28, 2005 increased from 151 entries to 230
  • HELLER family- Pennsylvania to Ohio, my GGG-grandfather Philip. Updated Nov 10, 2007 has 2435 entries
  • HERBSTER family my 5th Great-grandfather Frederick Herbster from Germany to Stark Co., Ohio Updated May 8, 2007 from 1304 to 1632 entries
  • HICKEY family- my GGG-grandfather Wm Hickey, from Ireland > PA > Ohio (probably reason my favorite color is GREEN). Updated Jan 7, 2005
  • HIESTAND, Heistand family- my husbands family, but many of them married into my family when they traveled into Wyandot and Seneca Co, OH. Uploaded Feb 10, 2006 with 1285 entries
  • KENDRICK & POPWELL family- of Alabama. Updated Dec 29, 2003
  • KIMMET a Seneca Co., OH branch that I am not directly related to, however many of my family married into this group, so many of the descendants are my cousins. Updated Feb. 22, 2005
  • KINNEY family- Ireland to Ohio, a branch that married into my husband's family. Updated Dec. 5, 2002
  • KRUMM family- Germany to Franklin Co., OH, my hubbies line. Updated Feb. 20, 2005
  • KUHN-HUTH family of Henry Kuhn and Margaret Huth of Seneca Co., OH. This Henry was my GG-Granduncle. Updated Jul 16, 2004
  • KUHN - STRAUSBAUGH family Joseph Kuhn and Sarah Agnes Strausbaugh of Seneca Co., OH. Joseph was my GG-Granduncle. Updated Jul 11, 2004
  • KUHN-ULMAN family of Daniel Kuhn and Katherine Ulman. Seneca Co. Ohio this family dispersed to Huron Co. and Sandusky Co and even on to Pennsylvania. Daniel was my GG-Granduncle. Updated Jul 8, 2004
  • LICHTLE family-I am not direct blood relation to this family until Andrew Lichtle married into our DROLL family in 1881. Uploaded Jun 16, 2005 has 514 entries
  • William POWELL family came from British Isles (Welsh?) to settle in Maryland and then on to Ohio. Updated May 8, 2007 increased from 1957 to 2030 entries
  • REINBOLT-KUHN family of Elizabeth Sarah Kuhn and Francois Reinbolt of Seneca Co., OH. Elizabeth was my GG-Grandaunt. Updated Jul 11, 2004
  • RIDENOUR family from Switzerland to Pennsylvania to Frederick Co. Maryland. Henry Ridenour, my GGG-grandfather came to Seneca Co., Ohio in early 1830's. Updated Nov 28, 2005 has 699 entries
  • RITTER familyfrom Germany to Pennsylvania. My branch came to Wayne Co., OH -> Steuben Co., Indiana -> Sandusky Co., OH Updated Sep 12, 2006; increased from 1221 to 1571 entries
  • ROSS familyNicholas Michael ROSS family, Luxembourg > Seneca Co., OHUploaded May 11, 2007; includes 303 entries
  • SENDELBACH-BRICKNER family of Johannes Michael Sendelbach and Maria Dorthea Brückner. I am related to each of them as they were cousins to one another. Michael and Dorothy lived in Van Wert county. Updated Jan 29, 2004
  • SHIRK/Schurch family from Switzerland. my GGG-grandfather, Elias SHIRK came from Pennsylvania to Ohio. Updated Expanded May 8, 2007 to include ancestor's further back than Elias. File now at 764 entries, was 210.
  • SHUFF family- from Maryland. Our branch came on to settle in Seneca county, Ohio Updated Jan 31. 2006 increased from 462 to 499 entries
  • SMITH-BRICKNER family of Nicholas Schmidt/ Smith and Maria Anna Brückner/ Brickner. Anna was my GGG-Grandaunt. Updated Jan 18, 2004 has 158 entries
  • ZELLER/ZELLERS family- my GGG-grandfather lived in Stark Co., Ohio and the family came to live in Wyandot Co., Ohio. Updated Mar 31, 2005 has 158 entries

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