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Jan 18, 2008 :
The holidays kept me busy, but I continued to work on uploading more photos from Old Mission as Darlene sends them and working on creating links to those. This project is still not complete, I work on it a bit each day I have any spare time. We were finally able to take some time and head up to Seneca/Wyandot area and take some misc. tombstone photos for folks who had requested them. Of cours it snowed the night before we were to leave, so we just packed extra socks and our boots! Processing the names, and planning the three day route from cemetery to cemetery was a large undertaking.
Oct 24, 2007:
Darlene Clinger has been sending me photos she took at Old Mission cemetery, Wyandot County, and I have been getting those uploaded. As I have time I have been creating links to them. This involves HOURS of work and is a very slow process. I updated my Mifflin cemetery page today too. Fall has finally arrived here in Columbus. I have been reading the memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, good book!
Sep 1, 2007:
I found some pics of tombstones sent to me by Myles Eley back in Aug. 2006 in my "piles," so I got those scanned in, uploaded and linked. He had also sent me updates for many of the Ingerson and Shaffer burials found there in the Old Sycamore cemetery, Wyandot Co., OH So that is all entered and uploaded!
Aug 31, 2007:
It appears I have "fell off the apple cart"! But no, I am still here! I just have been negligent to update this page again for a good long while! Once in a while I forget it exists! So tonight I created a new webpage onto which I placed my transcription of the death records from St. Andrew Catholic church from 1892-1934. My current projects include recovering from installing an new wood floor here in my office. It is beautiful, but I am exhausted from all the carrying out.. and then back in... of box after box of books! (mostly genealogy books of course!) Now I am once again attempting to be "organized" and created a specific place for my genealogy "piles" of paperwork to be processed. Today, completing the transcription of those death records was my first accomplishment towards that end. I was able to then actually file away in the proper place, those microfilm print outs, with a big rewarding sigh of pride! So now I am off to grab the next item in the "pile" and see what I can get myself into.
Nov 10, 2006:
Today I worked some more on creating links to the tombstone photos at Trinity cemetery, Sandusky Co. Wow does it take a lot of time... anyways, got from the R's to the S's completed. Also entered a bunch of updates that Becky had sent me for that cemetery listing. So all in all it is really looking good. Only 132 more pics to link up to be finished with this cemetery.
Nov 5, 2006:
Worked on answering a bunch of old emails sitting in my inbox today. They sure do mount up sometimes! I found a listing for Sections I-L of Old Mission cemetery, Wyandot Co. that I had not put online yet, so I got that all uploaded today. I received a seven page PDF outline with information on my ADELSPERGER family from Nancy Pittenger. I managed to get that all entered into my database the last couple days.
Nov 1, 2006:
I changed my website to a holiday theme for Thanksgiving. And I processed the photos Ken had taken in Section 3 of Tiffin St. Joes cemetery, and worked on looking up those new names in my database. Had to take a quick break though to go to my grandson's first Halloween and hold him while he watched the trick or treater's come to his house.
Oct 13, 2006:
I changed my website to a holiday theme for Halloween, processed the photos I had taken in Section 2 of Tiffin St. Joes cemetery, and worked on creating links to some more of the Trinity cemetery, Sandusky Co. pics. I finished from "Mathias" to "Reeder" before bedtime.
Oct 8, 2006:
Today I worked on updating at the Wyandot County website. I did updates on several of the cemetery pages, I added new names to the Wyandot Surname lists, I uploaded photos of some cemeteries that had been donated for the project. Whew!
Oct 6, 2006:
This past week I have been laboring over installing travertine tile to my kitchen backsplash. It really looks great and is nearly completed. I have all the tile placed and two of the three walls are all grouted. I am on the home stretch now for that. I am exhausted. I did get all the files for Oak Hill, Wyandot Co. organized and renamed, that Darlene had sent to me. There were over 650 files and each had to be opened and turned and resaved onto my hard drive with the appropriate filename. I did that when my feet needed a rest from standing in kitchen working on that tile installation!
Oct 1, 2006:
My where have the last 2 weeks gone!? Well anyways... I received a DVD from Darlene with photos of nearly all stones at Tymochtee cemetery in Wyandot County. She also included on it photos of the burial records for Oak Hill cemetery, Wyandot County, OH. I just finished renaming all the files for Tymochtee that were on it and uploaded those to the web today, I also created links to each photo from the cemetery webpage. Carolyn and I have been trying to buy yearbooks from Seneca County high schools on Ebay.. and have a small collection started between us. Lots of nifty photos of cousins to be found in those! I hope to get them scanned and even set up a website.. one day... in my "spare time".. ;-). I am in the middle of remodeling my kitchen. and most free evenings had been spent running to the tile store (20 min. trip one way) to get samples to bring home. I was trying to choose tiles for my backsplash. What a process! Took me forever to narrow down the choices. But I now have all the tile bought. Ken has some minor electrical items to finish up and I can begin installing the tiles. I had my grandson, Aiden Engel, here at the house for the weekend Sept 29-Oct 1. He is now four months old and 15lbs. NO computer time when he is here!
Sept 25, 2006:
Went to Tiffin the 23rd and got photos of tombstones for quite a few folks. Also spent all of Sunday at Tiffin St. Joes and got two more sections photographed there.
Sept 11, 2006:
Updated my Brillhart cemetery listing in Crawford county since I have now taken photos of "almost" every tombstone there. I thought I had gotten ALL of them, but I see I did miss some! (not happy about that!.) Made a quick trip to Tiffin on Sept. 8 to attend an open house at the home of Steve Frank. He had invited several fellow genealogists to mingle. Carolyn Reinbolt and I went there together and took our laptops, sharing information and giving tips on how we enter our data. Carolyn and I also visited Greenlawn cemetery, where we were surprised by Barry Porter, a cemetery trustee, who gave us a tour of the renovated chapel and told us a lot of information on history of the cemetery
Aug 31, 2006:
Well I kept working on the RITTER piles of copies, getting them processed until August 28... then took a break and spent a day with my grandson and started working on processing the photos of tombstones we had taken during a weekend visit back home in mid-month. We took photos  in Wyandot, Seneca and Crawford counties, but still are not all caught up, and have more requests to fullfill.
Aug 23, 2006:
Wow, where did the last month go? This summer is just flying on by! We did take our week camping trip and stayed at Pokagan State park near Angola, Indiana. From here we made daily trips to work in my RITTER and CLARK family that settled there in the 1850's. We visited the library, where we made 280+ photocopies of information on the family, and courthouse, where we found land records and the will of my 4th great grandfather, Frederick RITTER. We made it to three cemeteries taking over 400 photos of relatives tombstones. We got some photo of ancestral farms in the area, and found a living RITTER descendant, Mildred Champion, that we visited and she shared genealogy information with us. We scanned photos and obituary clippings she had and a copy of a RITTER genealogy book her mother had put together before her death.
Once back at home, I have been working night and day processing all the information that we gathered on the trip, and spending as much time as I can with my new grandson! Aiden now 11 wks old and is interacting more each day, and now he is doing the "Goo Goo" talk to me and smiling. We have some really long conversations! <wink> I can't believe all the different noises he can make. Such a darling baby!
July 23, 2006:
I uploaded an updated Gedcom for my RITTER family, been working on them as we are planning a trip to Steuben Co., Indiana to do research on this family for a week. Darlene Clinger wrote that she has taken photos of all the "new" tombstones in the back section of Old Mission cemetery, so once she sends me that CD, it will really update the website tremendously, there are over 1000 graves back there and few are online! Becky sent me a nice list of updates for Trinity cemetery, Sandusky Co website. So I added those to the pages and uploaded the new versions.
July 12, 2006:
I updated pages for Wyandot county, Old Mission cemetery, adding pages for Section M - Q
July 11, 2006:
I updated the pages for Section one of St. Joseph cemetery, and a few others for Seneca county, and uploaded them. I had taken a lot of photos, so I am trying to add additional information. I also have pics for Section two, so I will be working on that as I get time.
July 5, 2006:
I created new webpages for two cemeteries in Seneca county and uploaded them this morning. The county home cemetery, and St. John United COC. Did Britt and Underhill cemetery, Seneca county this afternoon. Still not finished with Trinity cemetery in Sandusky Co... but will get back to that soon... We were gone camping the past four days with my sister and her hubby down at Paint Creek state park. HOT and muggy weather, good thing it is near a lake! Also we had no rain so that is a good thing!
June 28, 2006:
I have been working back n forth between the Yeager/Heller family and creating links to Trinity cemetery, Sandusky Co., pics. This morning I uploaded three new webpages for the Yeager clan, and some updated pages for Trinity cemetery. I have completed up to the letter "M" so far. I am really excited about how many of these folks are turning out to be blood relation to me! Wow do I have a lot of family buried in that cemetery!
June 14, 2006:
I received a Bible for the Yeager/Heller family of Clinton Co., PA and today I scanned in the "vital" pages showing births, etc and created a whole page for this family. Link to it are on my HELLER family page. Then of course I got pulled into working on the HELLER surnames in my database for the afternoon. Also note this past weekend while in Tiffin visiting my mom, I managed to acquire a nice stack of requests for Tombstone photos from various folks. So will be sorting all those out, plus had some spare time, which I spent taking photos in Section one and two of Tiffin St. Joseph's cemetery. OH MY! Lots of work to do... and I still have not finished creating links to the Trinity cemetery that I started a week ago...
June 9, 2006:
Managed to finish creating links to Trinity cemetery tombstone photos up to the letter G. Heading to Tiffin for the Weekend to attend the Strawberry Festival in Bloomville along with my hubby and my mother. Hard to leave town and not see my grandson for two days!!
June 5, 2006:
A few days ago are received a CD in the mail from Deb Cameron with 1,143 photos of tombstones from Trinity cemetery in Sandusky County. Today I spent the day putting her name on each photo and uploading the images. Now I will begin to enter the names and create links to the photos as I have time. Progress on the site will slow quite a bit now, as any opportunity I have will be spent holding and visiting my grandson!
May 31, 2006:
May 28, 2006:
I spent 2.5 hours this afternoon linking the last of the photos Carolyn sent me for St. Mary's Carey cemetery in Wyandot county. Ended up taking me a total of 11 hours to create links to all 740 new pic to tomstones she had sent to me.
May 23, 2006:
I updated my HELLER webpages, adding a totally new page to include photos I had scanned at my cousin Paul Snure's farm. I also uploaded new scans of the bible pages found on my HELLER site.
May 17, 2006:
I replaced my GEDCOM of Philip HELLER on WorldConnect with a more extensive file beginning with much latter HELLER ancestors. This increased the information from 85 entries to 1935 entries. The HELLER line still needs a lot of work, but I am hoping to find more living relatives by having this outline out there.
May 15, 2006:
Did some updating of Seneca cemetery pages. We took a weekend camping trip to rural Smithville, Ohio to visit with my new-found HELLER family descendant cousins.. I was able to scan over 65 family photos and have a wonderful visit on the Snure family farm.
May 5, 2006:
Alice completed a spreadsheet for Assumption cemetery in Seneca county, which I created three new pages for. Then I had to move the links to the photos onto those, plus I added names of some of those folks spouses and parents. More to do on this cemetery, but it's a start!
Apr 30, 2006:
I worked a bit on Wyandot county site, place several changes to emails and deleted people who's email's bounce. Added some photos for the Wyandot "people" and "places" pages. Made a few changes to errors on cemetery pages in Gilliland, St. Mary's Carey and Spring Grove. I have actually been busy in my YARD doing spring cleanup and planting of annuals and sitting from exhaustion as I am out of shape to be doing all this manual labor!! I just bought a Wyandot County History book 1902 on EBay. So I am anxious to get that and hope to get it scanned and offer it on CD to folks.
Apr 11, 2006:
I have just been working pretty steady on processing a pile of obits here and sorting through other misc. piles of data collected over the years. Also ordering and receiving many obits for the Adelsperger/Kintz family that lived in South Bend, Indiana, and getting those processed. Doing very little work on my websites lately, as I have been concentrating on my own family genealogy (imagine that!). We did take a week vacation and went camping on Hunting Island, South Carolina the end of March, but even that we took a day to visit a cousin to my hubby on Hilton Head Plantation, with scanner and laptop in tow and scanned all her old family photos. Today I did get a new burial listing online for Spring Grove cemetery, Wyandot Co. Created 17 pages for the 3433 burials.
Feb 26, 2006:
I added a few odds n ends updates folks sent to me for some of the Seneca County cemetery pages. I have had two requests for hard copies of family books, one for Kuhn family and one for the Geiseck family, so I will be working on getting those files created and printed. then I will be Resuming work on processing obituaries that Carolyn sent to me on Seneca county families.
Feb 26, 2006:
Joyce Thomas sent me a few more pics she took at Trinity cemetery in Sandusky Co., so I uploaded them tonight. I am still working on the ADELSPERGER of Indiana
Feb 21, 2006:
Mary Ann Sieberg sent me spreadsheets for Baker and Union Church cemeteries in Wyandot county, so I got them online this morning
Feb 17, 2006:
I was contacted by Dan Rich from Arizona. He and I have been working steadily together on two branches of my ADELSPERGER family who went to St. Joseph Co., Indiana in the 1860's. We are exchanging obituaries and information on the family. He is from the South Bend, Indiana area and that is very helpful!
Feb 10, 2006:
I have been bouncing all over from one project to another as lately I have been contacted by various relatives from totally different family lines. All are sending me information, obits, photos, dates etc and I am trying to keep up and get is processed. Wow! have not heard from anyone at all for such a long while, and suddenly I am "attacked". Seems like it is "feast or famine" and just now is a real feast of exchanging family goodies! Having folks send photos of relatives is sure fun! I am hearing from HELLER, ADELSPERGER, YOUNG, SHUFF, RITTER and CLARK families these days. Tonight I uploaded my HIESTAND family gedcom for the first time having 1285 entries. Also uploaded an updated ADELSPERGER gedcom which went from 1105 entries to 1352 (will be much bigger soon!)
Jan 27, 2006:
I was contacted by Larry Heller, a cousin from my RITTER family line, who sent me several obituaries for that family. Also have further updated on my HELLER family from Paul and Carol Snure, who I called last night. Worked most of today processing this new information, and also put a new cemetery on Crawford County page and one on the Seneca county page.
Jan 25, 2006:
I worked another 3 hours on St. Mary, Carey, OH tombstones, creating links to the photos submitted by Carolyn Reinbolt. Managed to get up to the "S's"
Jan 21, 2006:
I worked 1 1/2 hours on St. Mary again today, got up to the M's, got distracted by one of her tombstone photos of a GASTER in-law, Roger Moll and had to do some research on that family. Then another distraction, I had a cousin I never knew of before contact me from my HELLER family, Donna Coe. Since initial contact she has been providing me with all kinds of updates, photos, and obituaries. I am thrilled to chat with her on the phone, as she lives out in Pennsylvania, and can call me with her unlimited long distance plan!
Jan 20, 2006:
I spent four hours creating links to photos of tombstones at St.Mary cemetery in Carey, OH, long way to go up to the K's
Jan 18, 2006:
I have been working on my Adelsperger file again, (geesh, got distracted AGAIN) got a new lead on one leg that went to St. Joseph Co., Indiana and have been tracking them down. Also updated my listing of Ohio death certificates I have copies of. The number is now up to 542 certificates!
Jan 15, 2006:
I received a spreadsheet from MaryAnn with Reformed Lutheran cemetery, Seneca county, and got that put online.
Jan 12, 2006:
I have been working on my SMITH family line, from Seneca county. Carolyn Reinbolt provided me with a few hundred obituaries a couple years ago, and they have been sitting here waiting for me to process! So I am working on those again. Also, Mary Ann Sieberg has sent me a spreadsheet of burials at Caroline in Seneca county, which I placed on the web this morning, and for another cemetery called "The Old Cemetery and/or Lower Sandusky Cemetery" in Fremont, OH which I uploaded as well.
Jan 3, 2006:
I worked on updating my online listing for Trinity cemetery, Sandusky Co. from email notes sent to me by Becky Pachasa
Dec 29, 2005:
I found some notes on a couple small cemeteries, Mann & Shanks,  in Wyandot county, so got that entered and uploaded, also updated the Old Lutheran Ridge cemetery listing
Dec 27, 2005:
I was sorting and filing away some of my "piles" of goodies and found a couple pics sent to me of Kroh cemetery and of a tombstone in Bethel cemetery, both of Seneca Co. I found a couple pics sent to me for Oak Hill cemetery, Wyandot county. So I got those scanned and online this morning. Also found a list of folks buried at Trinity cemetery in Sandusky Co., OH that I forgot I had printed, so I worked on that for a couple days, adding names and dates to my Trinity page to update it. Now has over 450 names in the listing.
Dec 22, 2005:
I opened the CD that Carolyn Reinbolt sent to me to look at the contents today for the first time. There are another 740+ pics for St. Mary cemetery, Carey, OH and she also snuck in 19 pics from SpringGrove cemetery. So I have begun putting her name and copyright date on each of them and will be uploading and creating links to them as  I have time.
Dec 13, 2005:
I finally finished transcribing all 320 pages of the Tiffin St. Mary baptism book! Hurray! What a bear that was to tackle! Now I will make the web pages for it and be able to file that stack of pages away... What will I get into next?? One of my 500 projects.....
Dec 6, 2005:
Carolyn Reinbolt gave me a CD full of more photos for the St. Mary Carey cemetery in Wyandot county to put online. I will be working on those soon. Meanwhile I am up to page 179 of those St. Mary Tiffin baptism records which I am transcribing.
Dec 5, 2005:
Well I am up to page 156 of those St. Mary Baptism records. What a slow process. I am noticing a LOT of Irish family names for the most part in these early records. "Back in my day" of when I attended that church were mainly Italians and German ... Wonder what happened to all those Irish folk?

Dec 2, 2005: Updating at Wyandot website:
Tom Hill had sent some photos of people and places which I added to the site,
Updated the surname pages,
created a webpage for the Parker family portrait
Nov 25, 2005:
Have been working on transcribing baptisms from St. Mary's Catholic church in Tiffin from the microfilm. I am up to page 102. Hope to get it completed and online by Christmas as a "present" to all my Seneca county "followers". Today I am uploading some updated gedcoms to WorldConnect as I have added information to various families: Shuff, Gaster, Powell, and Bihn (this file I expanded to begin with the eldest Bihn member in my database). I have uploaded for the first time a database including my RITTER family. I quit using because they started to charge for the use of their "smart matching" and so I removed my databases from their server as well. I belong to that is enough expense already.
Nov 5, 2005:
Russ Reinbolt sent me a CD with photos of all tombstones in Kagy cemetery, Seneca county. I have uploaded the pics and will be creating links to those as I have time. I have uploaded an updated Adelsperger database, which includes another 400 individuals of that family line, due to a clue found in last months newsletter for the Seneca County Genealogy Society, which I followed through on the past week.
Oct 7, 2005:
Can you believe I am Still processing stuff I gathered while on vacation in Stark County, OH doing research? Wow we sure did gather a lot of stuff while there! But this past week I took a break from it and worked on some of my Ridenour/Adelsperger family lines and just uploaded a new gedcom.
Sep 26, 2005:
Uploaded gedcom for my Herbster ancestor line to WorldConnect
Aug 4, 2005:
Worked on creating links to Carolyn's tombstone pics for Wyandot St. Mary, Carey cemetery for 2 hours today. Got up to the "L" surnames
Aug 3, 2005:
Worked on creating links to Carolyn's tombstone pics for Wyandot St. Mary, Carey cemetery for 3 hours today. Got up to the "H" surnames
Aug 2, 2005:
Carolyn Reinbolt gave me a CD with 700 digital photos she took of tombstones at St. Mary's, Carey in Wyandot County. I had to open each file and paste her name on them and upload the images. Next I will begin work on creating links to each photo from the St. Mary's webpage. Tonight I worked on the links for 3.5 hours
July 2005:
First half this month was spend downtown at State Library of Ohio, doing homework in preparation for a field trip to Stark County. Then we took the trip, a one week camping trip outside of Canton, OH. Here we worked on my ancestors who settled in that area for few years before heading more west to Seneca and Wyandot counties: SPONSELLER, ZELLER, ZIMMERMAN, POWELL, SHIRK, HERBSTER surnames. Last half of the month was spent processing all the goodies we brought home from the trip! Photos of graves, Photos of farms, copies of obits and land records to name a few!
Jun 16, 2005:
Uploaded my LICHTLE family database to WorldConnect
Jun 15, 2005:
Went through all the photos taken at Lutheran Ridge cemetery in Wyandot county and totally redid all the entries now to include all info on stone instead of just the death dates. Took me five hours to complete!
Jun 12, 2005:
Uploaded my CLARK family database to WorldConnect for first time.
Jun 8, 2005:
updated the Seneca cemetery site with additional info
Apr 30, 2005:
Updated some Seneca cemetery pages with additional information sent to me via emails
Mar 28, 2005:
updated my burial listed for Pataskala cemetery, Licking Co., OH to 4575 names
Mar 13, 2005:
posted a listing of some of the Ohio Death certificates I have
Feb 23, 2005:
uploaded for first time the George & Catharine (SHIRK) SHIFFLER family database to WorldConnect
Feb 22, 2005:
uploaded for first time the KIMMET family database to WorldConnect
Feb 20, 2005:
updated the KRUMM family database I have online at WorldConnect
Feb 16, 2005:
worked on Wyandot County website, created pages for photos of people that had been submitted
Feb 15, 2005:
updated Wyandot Co., Mifflin twp. Salem cemetery with links to 200 photos by Darlene Clinger
Feb 8, 2005:
updated Wyandot Co., Mifflin twp. Salem cemetery with new listing sent to me by Darlene Clinger
Feb 3, 2005:
updated Silent Home cemetery, Franklin Co., Ohio website, adding some information to burials
Jan 21, 2005:
Added Section H to Old Mission listing in Wyandot county. Also added the latitude n longitude of cemetery's in Wyandot Co., Ohio to its main page
Jan 7, 2005:
updated Hickey GEDCOM at WorldConnect
Dec 31, 2004:
updated the Ohio FGS website

Dec 22, 2004:

Ken and I had gone to Tiffin and taken photos of all graves in Section 5 & 6 at St. Joseph cemetery. Finally got all the pages uploaded with the new information today for those two sections, all but the graves for the nuns.

Nov 3, 2004: updated the Ohio FGS website

Nov 2, 2004: created links to photos I took in Brillhart cemetery, and Biddle cemetery in Crawford co. Also finished update on St. Peter cemetery in Wyandot co.

Oct 24, 2004: Finished up creating links to all 123 pics for St. Michael cemetery in Seneca co.

Oct 23, 2004: Finished up creating links to all 537 pics Dave sent for St. Boniface. Carolyn Reinbolt sent me a spreadsheet with burials for St. Michael's which I uploaded. I can now begin to create links to the photos for that place, HURRAY!

Oct 19, 2004: Uploaded more photos for St. Michael and St. Boniface cemeteries of Seneca County. Began creating links to the 537 photos just sent by Dave Kuntz for St. Boniface.

Oct 3-16 Gone on vacation

September 28, 2004: Updated Smith-Brickner GEDCOM at WorldConnect

September 27, 2004: Updated the Ohio FGS website, Updated Adesperger and Krumm GEDCOM at WorldConnect

September 13, 2004: Just finished updating and uploading the Adelsperger family GEDCOM.

Sept. 2, 2004: Did some updates on the Wyandot County websites, correcting the Surname list, added more information to the cemetery page, and uploaded some photos of people for the "people pages"

August 2004: I uploaded and created links to 200 photos taken in the New section of St. Peter's cemetery in Upper Sandusky. Have been working on my ADELSPERGER line and have recently finished updating the SHUFF family information, but have not yet uploaded a new Gedcom with the new goodies.

July 2004: I have been working on my KUHN family and uploading the databases as I get them reviewed. Links to them are on the homepage. which I have five finished so far.

July 28, 2004: Finished creating links to all Dave Kuntz photos donated for St. Boniface cemetery in New Riegel. So far he has taken 860 photos there.

June 29, 2004: Created a webpage for Hanna cemetery in Crawford Co.. Took 800 more photos at St. Joseph's cemetery in Tiffin, will be adding information from those pics as I have time.

June 17, 2004: Good grief, forgot about updating this page! Well anyways, today I uploaded the death records from St. Nicholas, Seneca Co., Ohio which I transcribed off the microfilm

April 11, 2004: uploaded burial listing for Bretz cemetery and for Section 4 of Pleasant View cemetery, both in Wyandot County. Also did some updates on various cemetery listings in Wyandot county.

Feb 15, 2004: uploaded photos of the new sign/arch at Silent Home cemetery in Franklin County. Ken and I stopped by there today, we also stopped in at Pataskala cemetery and took about 300 more photos of tombstones there. I will be adding those names to the burial listing I have online for that place.

Feb 10, 2004: uploaded the burials for Armstrong Cemetery in Wyandot county

Feb 6, 2004: uploaded the burial listing for the Infirmary Cemetery in Wyandot county. On Nov. 17, 2003 I attended the Wyandot Tracers Genealogy Society meeting and received my "Silver Pioneer Family" award for the Heller and Gaster families in my ancestry. I have scanned the award and added a link to it on my HELLER family page

Jan 30, 2004: Uploaded and added links to photos of all tombstones for Bunkerhill cemetery in Seneca county

Jan 29, 2004: going through my "piles" found misc 11x17 pieces I had copied of a huge old 1872 map of VanWert county. So I isolated each township and scanned them in piecing the scans together, and uploaded them on the web. This process took me nine hours. Also I uploaded the gedcom for one of my Sendelbach - Brückner lines. Worked on my 1874 Seneca County map page adding Pleasant and Venice township maps to complete that set.

Jan 24, 2004: uploaded the burials for Inman and Krock cemeteries in Wyandot County

Jan 19, 2004: uploaded the gedcom for Johannes Michael Brückner n Margaret Reddelbach

Jan 18, 2004: uploaded the gedcom for Nicholas Schmidt/ Smith and Maria Anna Brückner/ Brickner

Jan 15, 2004: updated my two Family Group Sheet sites (Ohio and Wisconsin)

Jan 6, 2004: updated my homepage adding "last updated" dates to my databases. Updated my Zeller family information with Census info I found on Isaac Zeller. Also got the above mentioned photos and listings put online

Jan 2, 2004: uploaded 173 more photos of Duke cemetery, Seneca County, tombstones and created links to them. This update took me 3 hours.
Received a CD with photos of tombstones in Salem Church cemetery in Wyandot county. Will be uploading those soon and creating links to the photos. Received a spreadsheet with burial listing of Good Hope cemetery in Wyandot county. Will be putting that online

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